Against the odds

A basketball player dribbling down court

This is a fantastic insight from 2 of my players into the historical success we achieved to bring the first ever basketball super league title to Tralee.

We did it our way and it’s a pleasure and honour to read their memories of our time together.

Sometimes we forget how we impact people that we meet and work with along our journey.

Reading these insights and memories of John and Maurice are very humbling for me as I reminisce now of those glory days in the mid 90’s.

Looking back it’s clear to see that we had leadership, a vision , communication and engagement, we controlled what we could control and we cared about our players.

We all knew our roles and each of us performed our role to the best of our abilities.

We had setbacks as the article highlights and had highlights but it was how we responded to both of these that separated us from others.

Focusing on the small things was one of the big things that made a difference to allow us to get to the top of the mountain.

This is a story of achievement against all the odds and it’s amazing to read it from the memories of others.

Read their words :

Casey and Tea­han on Tralee Tigers ’96 ti­

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