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In today’s challenging world, executive development is critical and yet it is overlooked the most. Many of us expect executives to have all the answers; however executives need support, coaching and development just like all others in organisations.

Executive coaching focuses on supporting individuals as they face their daily challenges.

Executive coaching can help you improve both individually and as a business because it will help you to develop focused goals and strategies that will support and help you to develop your business in many areas.

An executive coach will develop the skills that will allow you to operate comfortably at C-suite level, they will also support your personal development and growth needs. An executive coach will enhance your problem solving and decision making abilities and assist the learning curve that faces so many executives in today’s fast moving world.

For people who have moved into an executive world Executive Coaching will help them be successful. It will improve their management and technical and leadership skills. It will assist in resolving personality and interpersonal conflicts and challenges, and it will develop leadership traits that will remain with you permanently.

The McCarthy Consultancy will support you in a confidential manner to help you improve personally and professionally and lead your organisation to greater success.


What can executive coaching do for you?

Executive coaching can support your personal development and growth needs, allowing you to operate comfortably at C-suite level.

How can an executive coach help you?

Executive coaching will help you become successful in an executive role, enhancing your decision making and problem solving skills and providing you with the strategies and tools you need to resolve the personality and interpersonal conflicts and challenges you will inevitably meet in any senior role.

What will your executive coaching process be?

The McCarthy Consultancy will first take time to listen to you and to understand your unique situation and environment and the players within it. We will develop with you a blueprint and philosophy for succeeding within it that is in keeping with your personal style and approach but that enhances it in important areas. We then meet you regularly to discuss the specific scenarios and events you have encountered in your daily working life and to help you apply your personalised plan to them and to navigate them successfully.

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