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Communication is really difficult and good communication even more so, however it is a skill and therefore can be learnt and developed with practice. In today’s challenging world, the ability of an executive to communicate clearly and openly is critical and yet it is the skill that is overlooked the most. Many of us expect executives to be able to have great communication skills, however executives need support and development just like all others in organisations.

Whether you are engaging face-to-face or through glass and building on your individual skills... Building on your individual skills and success to date, the McCarthy Consultancy will support you to become a really effective communicator by helping you to develop the following skills.

Communication is about listening and actively listening. It involves the ability to ask questions which will help both sides get to the same clear understanding. It is about both verbal and non-verbal communication and the ability to articulate the message to eliminate any misunderstanding. It is about communicating in a balanced way that will allow you to focus and to deal with the issues and not specific points, and It is about how words matter and the relevance of them in ensuring that clarity is always achieved in what is being discussed.

The McCarthy Consultancy will offer you support and a process to assist you in your daily communication because the benefits of being a good communicator help you and all whom you come into contact with.

The McCarthy Consultancy will work with you on an individual and confidential basis to improve you in enhancing your effective communication skills which can range from listening, verbal and non-verbal communication, the ability to ask questions, and the skill of being able to summarise even under the most intense of pressure.


Why are communication skills important in business?

Clear communication is the lifeblood of business. Most problems in business arise through misunderstandings arising from poor communication or indeed from the absence of communication. Conversely, great communication will improve your performance in all areas of business and in many circumstances make the difference between failure and success.

How can communication skills be improved?

Many key elements of communication are overlooked, the importance of listening and the role of active listening and the role of both verbal and non-verbal communication. The McCarthy Consultancy will help you to improve all areas of your communication skills.

What results will I see if I improve my communication skills?

You will see immediate and tangible results from an improvement in your communication skills. All key relationships will be clearer and better, whether with the people who report to you, the people you report to, your customers or your business partners. You will operate with more clarity and command more respect as a result.

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