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A personal development programme will allow you to assess where you are today, and where you want to get to. It will result in you having an action plan which is specific to you and that will be based on heightened awareness and strong core values. It will also involve goal-setting and creating a plan for you in the context of a career, education, relationship or just for your own self-improvement.

The McCarthy Consultancy will work with you in identifying your specific strengths and areas for improvement, and formulate an action plan to assist you to improve both. As part of our Executive Coaching offering we will create with you a development plan to support your improvement.

Personal development is crucial in today’s challenging world because it gives us the confidence to perform to the best of our ability be it as an individual or as a manager or as a leader or people.

The more capable you are at delivering with your strengths and the more you manage to address your areas for development, the easier it is for you to achieve your individual and corporate goals.


What is a personal development plan?

A personal development plan (PDP) is a unique personalised plan that assesses where you are now and where you want to get to and that provides you with the roadmap to get there.

How can personal development help me?

A PDP will give you a heightened awareness of your personal strengths and areas for improvement and will provide you with clear goals for improving your life in core areas such as career, education, relationships or simply your own self-improvement.

How personal development benefits others?

Personal development gives you a plan and the confidence to perform to the best of your abilities whether as an individual, a manager or a leader of people and this will enhance and improve the lives of all around us, whether our partners, family or work colleagues.

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