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The McCarthy Consultancy's specialist leadership for individuals in sport service will work with you to understand the difference between leadership and coaching because that understanding is the cornerstone of sports coaching.

Sports leadership is similar to business leadership because the role of leadership is now the critical success factor for any sports organisation irrespective of its size.

Leading a company or managing a team can often be a lonely and isolated place and many leaders find it difficult to share their ideas, concerns and thoughts and often end up using family or friends for this, who, with respect, do not always have the relevant expertise to be able to offer constructive support.

The McCarthy Consultancy’s objective is to be that support, that confidential ear. We will be entirely on your side, because we will have no agenda other than to help you improve personally and professionally so that you can become the best possible leader you can be and lead your team and organisation to greater success.

Leadership skills are learned: As part of our sports coach programme, The McCarthy Consultancy will build on your existing skills and tailor a specific programme to fit your individual needs.


What does leadership for individuals in sport mean?

The McCarthy Consultancy will initially work with you to define clearly the role and responsibility of a sports leader and to demonstrate the difference between sports leadership and coaching. Sports leaders, just like business leaders, influence people towards certain goals and visions for the future.

What characteristics must great sports leaders show?

Besides an expert skill level in their field and a passion for their sport, sports leaders should possess effective interpersonal skills such as strong communication and motivation skills and equally strong strategic and analytical skills. The McCarthy Consultancy can help you improve in all these areas.

How can leadership for individuals in sport be improved?

The McCarthy Consultancy will work with you to understand your particular skills and leadership style. For instance, some sports leaders are more task or goal orientated and some are more person orientated. The McCarthy Consultancy believes that the best sports leaders are a combination of the two and we will work with you to enhance both your areas of strength and the areas where we agree there is room for improvement.

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