Communicating Through Glass

Video camera lens for video conferencing

In today’s Covid 19 challenged world, we are now called upon to engage in video conferencing, attend or conduct webinars or deliver presentations to colleagues, business partners or customers via video or just to do our normal days work.

We now engage with our colleagues daily over video conferencing set ups where words like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet have entered our vocabulary and our work life in such a way that we never expected.

The skills required to communicate effectively on screen (through glass) are quite different to presenting and communicating in the ‘real world’. Yet it is an incredible truth that most organisations have just expected us to make the switch from our previous face to face world to this new remote world and are ignoring the skills gap and expect their people to somehow absorb the skills required.

The skills for communicating through glass are now a core requirement for us all and can be easily taught. Communication through glass or video conferencing coaching from The McCarthy Consultancy can result in truly dramatic improvements in performance in this area. Drawing on deep experience in media and communications, we will take you and your people through a programme that clearly identifies the differences between communicating through glass and communicating in the real world, that identifies critical pre-presentation preparation considerations and great on-camera techniques that will transform your ability to present via video.

Imagine you and your team being able to conduct any on-screen communication with complete confidence and proficiency.

The benefits to any business prepared to invest in this area of coaching are potentially enormous. As we have just acknowledged, very few organisations have placed any focus at all on this necessary skill set, therefore any business that does can exploit this oversight in others and will gain immediate commercial advantage. Particularly in areas that have a direct impact on profitability e.g. sales or customer services.

In addition to this, a workforce that can communicate through glass effectively and with aplomb can result in efficiency savings throughout the organisation, particularly one with multiple sites or where physical visits to clients, suppliers and partners are commonplace. Perhaps the need for face-to-face meetings can be reduced, resulting in savings to the business in direct and indirect travel costs and in increases in productivity as travel time is saved and put to better use.

Video conferencing specifically and communicating through glass generally have become core skills in today’s business world and the benefits of investing in coaching for you and your people in this critical area can be immediate and significant.


What is “Communicating Through Glass”?

Communicating through glass is the skill of communicating on screen via video. In today’s technology-enabled business world we are increasingly required to communicate through glass especially during activities such as video conferencing, conducting webinars etc.

How can the skills needed for communicating through glass be learned?

The skills required for communicating through glass are neglected by most organisations but can be taught easily. From pre-presentation preparation to effective on-screen techniques, The McCarthy Consultancy can coach you and your people to a high level of proficiency quickly and efficiently.

What results will I see if I improve my communicating through glass skills?

Because so many organisations neglect the need to develop their people in this area, organisations that invest in effective coaching can gain an immediate and significant competitive advantage as well as enjoying direct and indirect savings in areas such as travel costs and increases in productivity.

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