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Having great presentation skills is the ability to present information clearly and effectively and it is a key skill for all of us today because there are so many distractions in today’s fast-paced environments that prevent us getting our messages across.

The McCarthy Consultancy will work with you to develop your personal and individual presentation skills that will allow you to deliver a presentation to your maximum capability. Whether you are an executive, manager, coach, student, administrator or individual, the ability to be able to make a presentation is a challenging and sometimes daunting prospect, The McCarthy Consultancy will work with you to enable you to succeed in delivering engaging and compelling presentations.

What is a presentation? Simply put it is a means of communication which can be to a single person or multi person audience and can be carried out in various speaking situations. It can be at a meeting, at a conference, by different media channels or just face to face. However, irrespective of the outlet, the steps required to deliver it are key.

Many presentations involve the use of visual aids and you will be trained on how to ensure these add value to your presentations. If visual aids are used well, they will greatly enhance the presentation by adding impact and strengthening audience involvement, sadly if not used properly they can get in the way and compromise your presentation.

As part of our personal coaching programme, The McCarthy Consultancy will support you in creating an individual process that will involve a step-by-step preparation and the method and means of presenting with confidence in each of your various speaking situations.


What are presentation skills?

Presentation skills are the skills you need to communicate clear information to audiences of any size. The McCarthy Consultancy will help you develop skills in a variety of areas including presentation structure, design, tone of voice, body language, personal presentation etc.

Who needs presentation skills?

Developing great presentation skills is key for all of us today because it is common in most environments, whether in business, education or even in our leisure and personal worlds to be required at some point, and sometimes regularly, to deliver a presentation.

Why are presentation skills important in the workplace?

Presentation skills are important in today’s workplace because the presentation has become the foremost vehicle for communicating important information to one or to many whether face-to-face or via video and your ability to deliver effective presentations therefore has a direct bearing on your value and standing in any organisation.

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