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Influencing is a critical skill for all of us whether in business or personally, whether we are managers, salespeople or leaders.

The ability to bring people with you, to bring them to your way or thinking is vital to deliver your objectives. The ability to bring people with you without force or coercion is one that can make enormous differences for you as an executive, manager or leader.

Influencing skills require you to take others’ views into consideration, and it will require you on occasions to get others to change their position on certain points. In order to do this you have to be ready to listen and to understand other people's perspectives and the objections they may have to your position.

To be a strong influencer you will also need to be aware of yourself, how you impact on others, your communication ability and style and your ability to engage successfully with others.

As part of our Executive offering the McCarthy Consultancy will work with you to look at your specific strengths and areas for improvement in relation to influencing.


What are influencing skills?

They are the art of persuading others to buy into an idea and to want to do it your way often in a way that others don’t notice.

What is influencing in management?

It is the ability to use influencing skills with the people that report to you, bringing your team to a conclusion that they feel they have reached themselves. Becoming a great influencer will improve you as a manager, strengthen your team and help build a culture of collaboration and unity.

When should I use influencing skills?

They can be valuable in all situations in your business and personal life from the everyday to the momentous, but they are particularly important in the latter and can make a key difference in your world.

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