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We all use a personal coach for different reasons; some as a sounding board, some for help in their career now and for future direction, or for support in facing and succeeding in personal challenges and personal goals. The McCarthy Consultancy is committed to working with you on a confidential basis to support and guide you on your journey.

Personal coaching is about helping people to get the very best out of themselves, whether that means improving communication skills, presentation skills or simply general personal development, because within each of us is an ability to achieve so many different things and The McCarthy Consultancy is focused on helping you to make the decisions that will enable you to realise that potential in full.

We will work with you in a totally confidential way and will support you as you go through you’re career, or want to become more fulfilled at work or play, or just simply help you to improve the relationships in your life.

The McCarthy Consultancy has a unique way of developing people and helping clients to reach their full potential. We see the best way to get the most of out a personal coach is to be honest and open because this will deliver the best results for you.


What is a personal coach?

A personal coach is a confidential advisor that will help you to achieve specific personal or professional goals. Whether that is a general desire to get the very best out of yourself or whether you have a specific career or relationship objective in mind, The McCarthy Consultancy can provide the right level of tailored support for you.

What makes a good personal coach?

A good personal coach firstly takes the time to listen and to understand your situation and environment and is then able to develop a clear strategy for achieving your goals and objectives, helping you draw the very best out of yourself and providing support and advice along the way.

What can a personal coach do for me?

A personal coach can help you order and structure your life objectives, whether personal or professional and help support and advise you as you work towards them, providing expert, honest, confidential advice throughout.

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