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Good decision making is vital for all of us in today’s fast paced environment because we have less time to make decisions. Many of us find it difficult to make decisions in normal life, and this difficulty increases in pressurised environments and also in the working or corporate world.

We all make decisions on a daily basis, most of these will seem minor ones, however once we understand the mechanics of decision making, we will become better at both the minor decisions and the major ones, and at seeing how getting minor decisions wrong can create unnecessary problems that can sometimes escalate.

We fail on occasions in this critical arena for a variety of reasons. It could be that we get distracted, or that we get caught up in ‘what if it goes wrong?’, or we just get too stressed to make that decision, or we fail to see when what seems a minor decision can actually have further reaching consequences than we might imagine.

As part of our Executive offering, The McCarthy Consultancy will work with you in looking at your specific strengths and areas for improvement in this area. We will enhance your current capability by working with you to develop specific skills to improve your decision making capability.


Why are decision making skills important?

They are important in all roles in business because we all have to make decisions every day, whether major or minor and the rewards for making your decisions in the right way are high, whilst the consequences for poor decision making technique could be severe for both your organisation and for you personally.

How can decision making be improved?

The McCarthy Consultancy can help you identify your key strengths and areas for improvement in your decision making technique and provide you with a clear strategy and approach that will ensure tangible improvement in this area.

What is The McCarthy Consultancy’s approach to improving decision making skills?

The McCarthy Consultancy will work with you to identify your own unique strengths and areas for improvement in this area and help you develop the tools and techniques you need to enhance your current capability whilst remaining true to your personality and philosophies.

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