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The McCarthy Consultancy has an impressive track record in interviewing and has conducted great interviews with a vast number of people down the years in various locations and surroundings.

From one to one business interviews, to TV interviews, The McCarthy Consultancy has been involved in interviewing at many events over the years, both nationally and internationally, often as part or during TV and Radio commentary assignments.

We have a unique interviewing style which has received favourable reviews by both interviewees and audiences alike down the years.


Who has The McCarthy Consultancy interviewed in the past?

The McCarthy Consultancy has interviewed some of the biggest names in sports, politics and business over the years. Notable interviewees include, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Ian Botham and Dr. Michael Smurfit.

What makes a great interview?

A great interview is about knowing your subject deeply and drawing the best out of them. That doesn’t necessarily mean a ‘smooth’ interview. Punctuated moments rather than flow create energy and engagement and can ensure the subject gives real responses. The McCarthy Consultancy has many other theories on what makes a great interview. Contact us for more information.

What can I expect if I engage The McCarthy Consultancy to conduct an interview?

You can expect the utmost professionalism and in the first instance considerable time spent researching the subject, reading recent news and magazine articles, social media comments and other broadcast interviews. You can expect supreme preparation and as a result a refreshing, lively and informative interview.

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