Master of Ceremonies

Public Speaking – Master of Ceremonies

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The McCarthy Consultancy has acted as Master of Ceremonies at many events over the years both nationally and internationally. Engagements have ranged across a wide spectrum, from sporting, marketing, business, community and other types of conferences and have been delivered in a unique style.

The McCarthy Consultancy has huge experience in media and communications generally and in this area specifically, and this can bring enormous benefits to you because our experience will ensure that your event will run smoothly and that the style and delivery of our input is wholly focused on your specific requirements.

Over the years, at the many events we have been lucky enough to contribute to in this role The McCarthy Consultancy has refined its service to ensure a top quality experience for our clients and for their guests. This role is critical not only in order to ensure that your event's agenda is clearly and expertly communicated to guests in an entertaining manner, but that everything runs to schedule and that if anything unexpected happens it is dealt with professionally.


What is a master of ceremonies?

A Master of Ceremonies is a person who presides over a formal event or entertainment and who introduces guests, speakers, award winners or entertainers. In this critical role The McCarthy Consultancy also manages timings, deals with the unexpected and keeps your event running smoothly.

When might you use a master of ceremonies?

You may wish to consider engaging The McCarthy Consultancy in this role if you are planning an event that has multiple elements, speakers or guests and that therefore requires effective coordination and time management.

What makes The McCarthy Consultancy different when it comes to master of ceremonies engagements?

The McCarthy Consultancy has unique and deep experience in this area at a wide spectrum of events across the sporting, marketing, business and charity areas and both nationally and internationally

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