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Drawing on years of experience in building successful businesses and upon our network of small and large enterprise consultants, The McCarthy Consultancy can give you the right strategic support for you and your business, helping you to develop business strategy that will ensure success into the future.

After listening to and understanding your business aspirations and challenges, The McCarthy Consultancy will take you through our unique and provenly effective business strategy plan structure covering everything from market analysis, sales and marketing strategy, staffing and operations to financial projections and funding.

We can provide you with as much or as little support as you need through this process, but we can guarantee that the discipline of writing and producing a first class business strategy plan will ensure that you miss nothing and that you give your business the very best chance to fly.

The McCarthy Consultancy is not a solicitor, accountancy firm or marketing company and our service does not replace the expert advice you may or may not require in these areas as you run or launch your company.

The McCarthy Consultancy offers a unique and invaluable service that assesses and stress tests your business strategy from all angles, helping you develop and model the concept for success, asking the important questions, making the key suggestions and helping you present your business in its best possible form to prospective clients, customers or investors.

The McCarthy Consultancy also specialises in business startups. According to Bloomberg eight out of ten business startups fail within the first 18 months. Starting a business is one of the most exciting and also one of the most challenging times in your life. Let the McCarthy Consultancy help you develop a business strategy for your startup that will ensure it is one of the two and not one of the eight.


How can The McCarthy Consultancy help my business strategy?

The McCarthy Consultancy draws on years of experience building and running successful companies and on its network of small and large enterprise consultants to provide you with the optimum level of expert advice and support for you, helping you to write a business strategy plan that will present your business in its best possible form to prospective clients, customers or investors.

What is a business strategy plan?

The McCarthy Consultancy offers a unique and disciplined approach to developing strategy for your business in the form of a structured business strategy plan that looks at your business from every angle and that has proven to be highly effective.

Why do business start-ups fail?

The McCarthy Consultancy believes that most business start-ups fail due to lack of preparation and planning. This can manifest in many ways: lack of market interest in your product, insufficient funding, unforeseen competition, legal challenges, poor branding or marketing, poor location and many others. The McCarthy Consultancy’s unique approach to business strategy for startups will eliminate as many of these potential pit-falls as possible through a thorough and disciplined approach to business planning.

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