Leading & Building Top Teams

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The McCarthy Consultancy has been successfully leading & building top teams in different codes for many years: basketball at several levels including the Irish national basketball team and Gaelic football. Drawing on many years of this experience the McCarthy Consultancy can provide unique insight and guidance in this highly specialised area.

Regardless of the sport or level the principles of building and leading top sports teams remain the same. Sports leadership at any level, but particularly at the highest levels can be an isolated, highly pressurised, stressful and challenging. As part of our sports offering, The McCarthy Consultancy can support you and help you become the very best leader you can be, providing you with a structured approach that will give you and your team consistency, focus and direction that will sustain you through good and bad times alike.

Sports leaders must command the respect and trust of their team and this can only be earned through the application of a consistent structure that clearly demonstrates your courage and integrity through whatever challenges you and your team may face.

Book an initial consultation with The McCarthy Consultancy and we will show you how our approach to leading & building top teams has been effective and delivered success in the past and how it can deliver for you, whatever sport you are involved in.


What does sports leadership mean?

Sports leadership means providing a disciplined, focused and structured approach for your team that gives every member clarity about their role and the expectations associated with it. It means stepping up with courage and integrity to lead through the good and bad times and above all it means providing a consistent structure that everyone associated with your team will respect and trust

Why is sports leadership important?

Sports leadership is important because all teams look to their leaders to sustain them, helping them to keep their feet on the ground through the good times and to bounce back from the bad. Great sports leadership helps teams sustain success and shrug off the set-backs.

How do you teach sports leadership?

Sports Leadership can be taught just as business leadership can. The McCarthy Consultancy has a unique and completely confidential approach to sports leadership training that has been developed over many years operating in real-world high level situations and that will provide you with a clear and structured approach. The programme is not designed to replace your own ethos or philosophies but to key into them and simply help you become the best sports leader you can be.

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