The McCarthy Consultancy, Executive Coaching, Business Consultancy and Communication Coaching.

Leadership is lonely and tough especially in this difficult Covid pandemic!

The McCarthy Consultancy will be with you and support you fully to cope with these challenges. Lead with Intelligence

Why The McCarthy Consultancy

The McCarthy Consultancy has a unique framework that delivers unparalleled Executive Coaching that will enable you to lead with intelligence, passion and courage to become the best leader that you can be, a Business Consultancy support to enable organistaions deliver their key goals and objectives and a bespoke Communication Coaching programme which will see individuals become better presenters and communicators because it draws on:
30 years’ C-suite experience in the corporate world in greenfield and established businesses, and holder of an Executive MBA and an internationally recognised qualification in training and development,
The experience of the very few to have captained and coached the Irish senior team at international level,
Public speaking and broadcast media presenting, interviewing and commentating at the highest level including TV at Olympic and Ryder Cup events.

Media and Communications

Hire The McCarthy Consultancy for public or motivational speaking engagements or for broadcast media training, presenting, interviewing or commentating bookings. See our Media & Comms sections on: TV & Radio, Motivational Speaking, Master of Ceremonies and Interviews for more information.

Keynote Presentations

Tim has spoken nationally and internationally on a range of topics including leadership, management, building and growing organisations, how to overcome adversity, how to perform to your best every day individually and collectively, empowerment, how to lead teams, diversity and inclusion, equality, health and mindfulness, resilience, and on communication and engagement.
Tim can draw on his extensive C-Level Corporate, International Sports career, and TV and Media experience when delivering these keynote presentations.
Tim shares his experience in delivering keynote presentations in a very, honest, open and engaging way which has engaged and interested audiences from the start and shares meaningful key tips that allow each person in the audience real take-aways from his presentations.
Tim’s own story is full of huge successes, matched in equal or greater measure with huge setbacks and difficulties beyond human reason, which Tim has overcome and which inspire and empower audiences of all types.

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